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Delores  Evans

Commercial Consultant  

  ** Commercial Private Lender Loans   

 Commercial And Residential
Rehab Loans 


Business Loans
(No Start - Ups) **

**Commercial  Loans
Starting At A 
    Min. $50K
 Up To
 Max.  $500M **

"Fast  Closing Loans!" 

** NEW!**

 **Commercial And Residential Rehab Loans 
Any Amount
Equity - Based Credit Lending Program
Zero Monthly Mortgage Payments
First Trust - First Lien Position Only
Credit I s Not Considered
Loan Approval In 48 Hours
Fast Closing (Usually) Within
10 - 14 Days **

** Typical Rehab Loan Parameters**

Up To 60% LTV
12% To 16% Interest
Experience Is Not Required For Approval
Some Skin In The Game Is Needed ( 25% - 30% ) **

Domestic And International 
** Some Skin In The Game ** 
** No Out Of Pocket Money Needed! **

 ** Now ! **
 Interest Only Loans!
 Not Credit Score Driven! 
** Cash Out Refi ** 
   Non-Owner Occupied Rental Loans 
Credit Scores 
Funded As Low As (600)!  

** Income Producing
Oil & Gas Loans
JV Loans Up To 100% ** 
** Commercial Private Lender International Funding
Commercial Private Lender Domestic Funding
   No Pre-Payment Penalty 
One To Five Years Loan Terms! **

** Alternative Energy Loans

 Acquisition Loans

  Hotel Loans

 Apartment Loans

 Church Loans

  Commercial Loans

Construction Loans 

 Gas Station Loans

 Multi-Family Loans

 Construction Loans   

 Mix Use Loans

 Stated Doc Commercial Loans

 Bridge Loans


  Other Types



Private Lender Loans! **

Call Delores Evans

Commercial Private Funding Group  

(347) 31FUNDS

Direct# (804) 726-0414 EST

We are Commercial Correspondent Consultants for a nationwide of private capital investors that can get your commercial real estate, commercial construction, and other types of commercial projects   funded nationally and internationally in an opportune manner.  


Our goal is to provide you with professional quality service.  We are “Not Brokers”. “WE DO NOT WORK WITH BROKERS, WE ONLY WORK WITH THE PRINCIPAL.”  We are Connected Directly to our Commercial Private Investors who are the funding source. We are the Loan Moderators between the Principal and our Commercial Private Investors.

We offer very creative short-term and long-term financing secured by commercial real estate and non-recourse stock loans. 

We have a lot of years experience and knowledge to be able to simplify creative resolutions for the utmost difficult complicated deal.  

You need to have some cash of your own to inject into your Commercial Project, it will strengthen your capital request substantially. "Skin In The Game". Most developers want to leverage in, to preserve capital. 


Minimum $50K up to $500M.


We are seeking all sorts of commercial real estate, oil and gas, natural gas and alternative energy projects.

Founder/Pres./Commercial Private Funding Group
Delores Evans
Correspondent Commercial Consultant
 (347) 31F-UNDS
Direct#(804) 726-0414